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Hermosa Beach is a very beautiful modern city in California, very well known due to the Police endless effort, for its safe neighborhoods and the low criminality. The Hermosa Beach Police Department is located at 540 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 which is very close to the City Hall and the Superior Court House. The moment someone is arrested in Hermosa Beach, is immediately moved to the Hermosa Beach police Department mentioned above. The arrestee is going to remain there until the completion of the booking process. The defendant is going to be held there for the whole duration of that process except if there is a serious health issue that demands an immediate medical attention.

When the defendant arrives to the police station, a jailer will confiscate all his personal belongings for safekeeping. Next, he or she, will gather all the arrestee’s personal information and together with the pictures taken there, he or she will register them to the Los Angeles County Database. After that, the next step is the fingerprints process by using a machine called Live Scan and which is connected directly to the Department of Justice and waiting for the results to come back to the Jailer so he or she to be able to see if there are any pending warrants or if the arrestee is wanted by any other law agency. The whole process may take 45 minutes to even several hours depending how busy the jailer is at that moment.

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Here at Sunrise Bail Bonds, we know how difficult and confusing the situation can be for you especially if you have no experience at all with bonds and the court system. It is normal your first reaction and priority to be how to take your loved one out of jail as fast as possible. Our extremely high trained personnel is by far the best in business and they can easily comfort and weird situation that may occur during the process and we can guarantee you that they will release your loved one from jail as fast as possible and in the easiest way.

You have to know that the jailer is not able to legally clear the defendant for bail as long the fingerprints results are still pending. However, our agent will remain there stand by for as long is necessary so he/she can turn the paperwork needed in. Once the paperwork is turned in and the jailer verifies the information, your loved one will be released out of jail and under your custody.

Our office is serving the wonderful city of Hermosa Beach and its beautiful people for many years now and we are sure that we will continue to do so for many more years in the future.

All that time period, our agents helped thousands of people to get out of jail without any complications and issues. That’s why our agency is well know and respected.
We treat every customer as our own family member and with the outmost respect.
Our highly trained professionals are reachable through telephone 24/7 in order to provide you with any kind of information you may need according your case or even the legal court system. Our goal is to make everything extremely understandable and easy for you.

The agents can deal any situation that may occur fast and district, that’s why they are so well trained and skilled.

It is understandable that the times that we all live are very difficult and rough and for that reason you may have financial issues. For that reason, we are extremely flexible regarding payment methods and plans. You can compare us with any other company at any time and you will see that it is true. Our agents are going gladly work with you to help you decide the payment plan that works for you. It is possible to complete a bail bond with no money down and sometimes we may not even collect any form of collateral.
Understanding how the bail bonds process works exactly is very important and essential to you because that way your loved one is going to be released from jail faster and easier.
If you want to ask anything about our business are area of expertise, please call us and one of our live agents is going to answer to anything you need. Our goal is to help you put your mind at ease so you don’t need to repeatedly ask your self what to do next.


Our Bail service extends to cover the neighboring cities such as Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, Hawthorne, Gardena, El Segundo and Inglewood.

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