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Man In Custody after Trying to Rob a Citibank Branch

Earlier this week on Tuesday, a man attempted to rob a Citibank branch in the city of Hermosa Beach, according to police. The man walked into the branch with a trench coat on and a hood on from the trench coat so that the camera would not see his face. However, as the man walked into the branch, one of the tellers noticed that the man had a gun hidden in his coat, so she automatically hit the panic button under her desk before the suspect could get to her. Police responded to the robbery call immediately and arrived at the scene as the suspect pulled out his gun and demanded that the teller fill his bag up with money. Police at the scene were able to immediately enter the bank and subdue the suspect and put him into custody before he could do anything drastic. Thanks to the quick thinking of the bank teller and the effort of the police, everyone walked away from the robbery without harm and the robber wasn’t able to get a dime from the bank.

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