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Teenager Caught Smoking Marijuana at School

At a local school in Hermosa Beach, a teacher found a student hiding under the stadium bleachers to smoke his marijuana. The teacher called one of the campus police to handle the situation and the officer detained the student and confiscated all of the marijuana he had on him. According to the teachers of the school, there is a marijuana epidemic going on throughout the entire school and they keep catching more and more students trying to smoke while they are at school or before they get to school. A group of teachers have started a committee dedicated to informing students of the dangers of marijuana and how it interferes with their lives. The committee is committed to stopping the current marijuana epidemic that is occurring in the public schools in California. Parents are also getting involved by talking to their children about the issue at a young age. Hopefully, with all of this effort, they will be able to lower the amount of marijuana being used in schools today. Blog by Bail Experts.

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