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Suspect arrested in Hermosa Beach after car thefts and other crimes.

Hermosa Beach, CA - Devin Rashaad Hamilton, a 20-year old Lancaster inhabitant, was captured after a series of wrongdoings in Hermosa Beach on Friday, April 24. Hermosa Beach police got two stolen vehicle gives an account of April 24 and a vehicle robbery report. A third vehicle was likewise stolen yet later found a couple of squares away with a copy handgun left inside. The four occasions occurred in nearness of one another, as per police. A brief timeframe after the vehicles were stolen, one of the unfortunate casualty's charge cards was utilized by the suspects at different areas and later in Lancaster. Investigators were advised by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department that one of the stolen vehicles had likewise been situated in Lancaster. Investigators found observation video of the speculates utilizing charge cards, and after further examination, served a court order on Hamilton's home, as indicated by police. Hamilton was captured and booked at the Hermosa Beach correctional facility.

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